IQA2024 aims to strengthen the IQA's vision of fostering thriving communities through a sustainable industry, aligning with its purpose of educating and connecting individuals involved in the extractive and associated industries.

The conference theme: Innovate & Create is designed to integrate the significant learnings the extractive and associated industries can take from new or improved concepts that help improve sustainability. The industry is actively looking to drive progress to reduce operating costs through digital transformation. This approach creates opportunities for industry growth, employment, training, and overall development.

The conference program is dedicated to focusing on the future, recognising Innovation as a key strategy for the industry moving forward to Create growth opportunities. IQA2024 will provide an excellent opportunity for your organisation to gain insights into evolving customer requirements, engage with key decision-makers and industry professionals, and showcase your organisation's products and services.

IQA2024 retains the successful format of previous years while implementing some new initiatives including:

  • A combination of field trips to incorporate the unique opportunities available for site visits within the Adelaide Region
  • A light-filled main exhibition space where breakfast, lunch, and refreshment breaks are held, to encourage delegates to visit exhibitors
  • A three-day comprehensive program which will bring people together to explore the key innovations in our industry
  • An entertaining, fun, and enjoyable social program which will provide opportunities for all conference delegates, sponsors, exhibitors and partners to re-connect.

We look forward to your support, participation, and contribution to an outstanding IQA National Conference, and welcoming you to Adelaide in October 2024.

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